How to Use the word 'got' in the English language

In this video it is explained how to use the words "got" "got to" and "gotta'". "Got" is the past tense of the word " get". Sometimes Americans say "have got" in place of "have" or "got" in place of "have". For example there is a sentence "I've got my wallet". Some Americans say "I have my wallet" and some may say "I got my wallet". All of them are correct. "Gotta'" is used in place of "have got to". For example there is a sentence" I have got to go". Some Americans may say
"I have to go" and some may say "I've got to go". When they say it quickly it sounds like "I gotta go". These are all correct in American English. "Gotta'" is a word which is not found in dictionary. Hence, it is used in Spoken English.

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