How To: Study the English language more effectively

Study the English language more effectively

In this video from EnglishTeacherLive we learn some study tips on how to improve your English. 1.Don't be shy. Take every opportunity you can to learn English. 2.Learn phrases, not just single words. It's easier to remember and much more useful, plus you'll learn grammar at the same time. 3.Learn with your ears, not with your eyes. Put the emphasis on listening! 4.Repeat, repeat, repeat. This is so important because we learn only after repetition. Don't be afraid to repeat the same word again and again. 5.Speak to yourself. Practice your English out loud. If you don't have someone to talk to in English, just talk to yourself! Tell yourself the things you see around you and what you are doing. 6.Practice your English little and often. If you do a bit everyday, you will make more progress than if you sit down with a big book and try and study. Choose to do things that take only a bit of time and do that often.

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hiiiiiiiiii mam
you are teaching i s very nice
how to improve my english skills
is there any free online courses avilable internet .
would you please tell me mam

Some of the advice here is good. One thing I would like to say is that repetition by itself will not help your get better. Listening is the key to that. Once can mindlessly repeat and get nowhere. I have seen that very often. IMPROVING your listening skills is the key to better pronunciation and in fact to better English. That will help nearly every aspect of learning English. Here are some ideas for improving your listening -

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