How To: Understand English phrasal verbs & compound words

Understand English phrasal verbs & compound words

The presenter, Ms. Jennifer explains how compound words are formed from phrasal verbs. With examples she explains how the meaning and pronunciation differs when compound words are formed from phrasal verbs. She explains the difference between 'show' and 'show off' by showing her collection of fans, and showing off with one of her beautiful fan from Japan. Then she explains the difference between 'show off' and 'show-off', giving examples and makes the listeners clear about compound nouns also. A compound word is a noun or adjective formed from two or more words. Though they are often formed from phrasal verbs, not all phrasal verbs are compound words and she says the viewers to avoid trying to create a new one before checking a dictionary. A dictionary will also confirm whether a compound word formed from the phrasal verb is written as one word or with a hyphen. Word written with a hyphen is always a compound noun. She gives more examples like 'work out, workout', ,lay off, layoff', 'break down, breakdown' etc.
Then she explains how to pronounce the compound words different from the verbal phrase, always stress is given at the beginning of the compound word. She compares the stress in different words and explains the differences in the stress patterns and make the viewers also pronounce along with her.
In the last part of the lesson she explains how compound words are formed from phrasal verbs with past participle and particle as in grown-up, broken-down etc, and pronouncing them clearly makes the viewers understand the different stress patterns.
Sources of the lesson are displayed at the end of the show, and the site for additional practice is shown as ''.
She ends the show very pleasingly, giving all the viewers her warmest wishes for the coming Christmas.

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