How To: Put on a convincing Irish accent

Put on a convincing Irish accent

Accents are not only fun but attractive too, when done properly, at least. Work on your Irish accent, practicing the inflection and sound of consonants and vowels. Impress your friends with your new accent.

You may have the luck of the Irish, but you'd better work on getting the sound.

You Will Need

* Observation skills
* Accents to observe
* Ability to imitate
* Colloquialisms
* Time to practice

Step 1: Watch and learn

Listen and learn. The best way to learn any accent is to observe and imitate it. Find speakers with the accent, or look for authentic examples of it in movies or audio recordings.

Step 2: Match inflection

Match the famous lilt, or pitch pattern of an Irish accent. Practice by starting a sentence speaking a little higher than your natural speaking voice, lower the pitch in the middle of the sentence, then raise it slightly at the end.

Step 3: Change the vowels

Change the vowels. Elongate the "aw" sound in words like "father" and "ball," and the "ow" sound in words like "town."

"Been" is "bean" in an Irish accent.

Step 4: Learn consonants

Learn the consonants. Elongate "r" sounds and pronounce them harder. Pronounce "l" sounds harder and drop the "g" from "i-n-g" endings.

Step 5: Use colloquialisms

Use colloquialisms. "Ossified," "fluthered," and "in the horrors" are synonymous with drunk. If something is good, it's "deadly." If you've ruined something, you've made a "right bags" of it, and the expression "What are you like?" means "I can't believe you're so dumb." Most British colloquialisms are also acceptable.

Avoid using cliches like "top o' the morning to you" and "blarney" – unless you're in a leprechaun costume.

Step 6: Use it

Take your accent for a test-drive. Just make sure you go where it'll be appreciated, not someplace where it'll seem annoying or like you're making fun. Cheers!

According to a survey in the UK, the sexiest accent is Northern Irish.

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