How To: Practice your listening skills in English

Practice your listening skills in English

Check out this instructional English language video that demonstrates how to improve your English vocabulary skills, your listening skills, and your grammar skills. This is a lesson for the advanced English language learner. The theme is the 2008 Olympic Games that focus on VOCABULARY, LISTENING, and GRAMMAR skills. This is PART TWO, in which we develop listening skills. Be sure to watch Part One (Vocabulary). Improve your English vocabulary with this instructional video!

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what's the name of this website?

very good lesson

definitely, the best way to improve not only communicative grammar but also the listening skill

it would be important to get much more synonyms of the most difficult expressions or giving the text into each language, if possible.

Good one. Thanks Jenni and team.

I coulnd't watch the video. Do you know why? There is just a blank on my screen.

thanks! I learned a lot. I hope I will be able to pass the IELTS listening. thanks!

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