How To: Make the W sound in American English

Make the W sound in American English

This ESL video explains how to make the W sound, in terms of tongue, jaw, and lip position. This video provides a basic guide for pronunciations for ESL students.

The W, ww consonant sound. As you can see, the mouth position is similar to the oo vowel. The oo vowel however feel like it comes like this, taking up my whole mouth from front to back. Oo. The consonant, ww, feels like it starts down here: uh, uh, uhww, uhww. In that respect, it's similar to uuyy, uuyy, yes Y consonant sound. The other difference: oo, oo, the tongue is a little higher and thicker in the back, oo. For the ww consonant sound, the tongue is just a little more flat, a little more neutral. Ww, ww, uhww, uhww, uhww. Sample words: wine, whisper, wish. Sample sentence: When will you want water?

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