How To: Make the 'ng' sound in American English

Make the 'ng' sound in American English

Learn how to pronounce the 'ng' sound in American English. This video provides a basic guide for pronunciations for ESL students.

The ng, N-G sound, is similar to the nn, N sound, but it's a different part of the tongue that raises. In the ng sound, it's actually the middle-back part of the tongue that raises, to touch the middle-back of the roof of the mouth. Therefore the sound feels more like it comes from here, rather than the nn, N sound which is much more forward-feeling. As you can see, the jaw drops just a bit, ng, but the mouth remains in a neutral position. Sample words: thing, singing, wing. Sample sentence: Studying English is rewarding.

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Could you tell me any way to make best pronunciation and vocabulary in english and fluency in foreign language.

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