How To: Distinguish between all of the English color idioms

Distinguish between all of the English color idioms

Do you know what an idiom is? If you don't, this English lesson is sure to make you an expert on idiom usage.

idiom (noun) a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual

Basically, idioms are expressions that are natural to native English speakers. They're very confusing for non-native English speakers. They're confusing because idioms don't mean what the words say. You cannot literally translate English idioms into another language.

The origin of many English idioms is a "grey area". This video marks a "red-letter day" for all students of English. If you've been "feeling blue" because idioms have left you "browned off", you will be "tickled pink" by this video lesson. Don't be "yellow" when it comes to learning about English color idioms.

This video lesson compiles together all of the English color idioms thinkable. You may be "feeling blue" about your English studies, but you are now given the "green light" to pass any test with "flying colors". If you don't know the difference between a "scarlet woman" and a "red herring", you will be "tickled pink" by all the idioms in this video. So again, don't be "yellow"; watch this video all the way through and you will be able to do the extras with "flying colors".

Get more detailed information about English color idioms at Linguaspectrum. There's plenty more to learn.

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